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Three Dimensional Design

Manchester School of Art

Degree Show 2010

Lucy Bradshaw

Lucy Bradshaw

The focus of my work is to concentrate on material and detail. My passion for playful, bespoke design is seen through my use of textile upholstery and surface decoration. I am mainly interested in furniture for the domestic interior, intended for one-off or batch production.

In the project, I decided to highlight some social issues in relation to people 'slowing down' and 'taking time out' I intended the design to portray traditional and comforting characteristics that would encourage people to use new technology.

The 'tel-iphone table' is suited to a boutique environment. Although the materials are easily accessible and suited to design for production, I think the 'tel-iphone tables' main attributes come from its hand made, one-off aesthetic.

It has a very specific context, but many can enjoy it.

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